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The Comprehensive Retirement Planning Series

Your plan to avoid the nursing home, avoid going broke, and avoid becoming a burden starts here.
Create a plan for retirement that answers the questions that financial plans and legal documents can’t.
This acclaimed online course created by Elder Law Attorney Rajiv Nagaich shows you how.

You Won't Learn This Anywhere Else

A successful retirement plan takes more than just a financial portfolio, estate planning documents, and long-term care insurance. That’s why 70% of American retirees will experience retirement plan failure as their health declines. They will take their last breath in an institution, go broke paying for long-term care, and become a burden on their families. Creating a retirement plan that works, even when you get sick, requires a different kind of planning, one that considers the interconnected impact of declining health on your housing, financial, legal, and family wellbeing.


Retirement is great. And then you get sick. Once you lose your health, the nightmare begins. Your life will change.


Hoping to “age at home” without a plan to do so is a great way to land in a care facility when you get sick.


Long-term care costs are the biggest threat to the average American retiree's financial wellbeing, but not the only one.


Will innocent planning mistakes keep you from protecting what matters most to you and your family?


Will your lack of planning create heavy burdens and conflicts for the people you love most?

Most financial planners and lawyers can’t help you create this kind of retirement plan. They don’t know how.
But Elder Law Attorney Rajiv Nagaich does. His retirement planning system can help you beat the odds.

70% of Retirees Will Draw Their Last Breath Somewhere OTHER Than Their Home.

You don't have to be one of them.

What You'll Learn

Topics Covered

Traditional retirement planning vs LifePlanning

How the LifePlanning process works

Creating the LifePlan Blueprint

Documenting your preferences

Developing healthy habits, including eating right, exercising, and socializing

How selecting the right medical team can lower the risk of needing home health and home care services by 40%

Finding services inside (and outside) the insurance system

Finding services outside the insurance system

What to look for in a health plan

Documenting your health plan

Topics Covered

Defining “home”
Residential housing options
Requirements for aging in a private residence
Private residence options
Retirement community options
The role of family in your housing decision
How to choose a housing option
Documenting your housing preferences
Topics Covered

Creating a financial dashboard
Choosing a financial planner
Working with a financial planner
Using the financial dashboard to make decisions
Paying for long-term care, including private pay, reverse mortgages, long-term care insurance, and public benefits
Understanding the financial burdens on agents
How to assemble a resource team to ease burdens
Documenting your financial plans
Topics Covered

Wills vs Trusts
Safe Harbor Trusts
Protecting the interests of surviving spouses and heirs
Protecting assets from long-term care costs, estate taxes, and bad actors
Choosing fiduciaries
Creating legal documents that read like manuals of instruction
Documenting legal plans
Topics Covered

Planning the family meeting
Conducting the family meeting
What to do after the family meeting
Documenting the family plan
Assemble the blueprint
Identifying next steps
Choosing professional resources
Implementing your decisions blueprint
Keeping everything up to date

What People Say about LifePlanning

LifePlanning helped me address the gray areas in my retirement plan, the issues that my estate plan didn’t address, and my financial planner didn’t want talk about. I’m so grateful for this process! – Gillian, Life Planning Workshop Participant, 2021

This is so much more than legal planning. The workshop helps you to focus on everything you need to plan for, such as medical care, housing options, family issues, and financial planning, not just the will, medical directives, and financial power of attorney. Highly recommended! – Challis, Life Planning Workshop Participant, 2021

It’s worth the price of gold knowing that I won’t be burdening my children as I age. – Geoffrey, LifePlanning Workshop Participant – 2021

Rajiv shows you how the system really works and what you need to pull everything together for a safe and happy retirement. —Chandra Lewnau, Elder Law Attorney, Seattle, Washington

Finally! Rajiv Nagaich makes all the pieces of the overwhelming retirement puzzle fit together. —Randy Foley, client via Facebook

Create the Master Plan for the Rest of Your Life

If you’re serious about living out your life in the home YOU choose, without losing assets to unplanned long-term care costs and without recruiting your family to serve as your unpaid caregivers, this online course is for you.

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